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Temporary registration for the students before starting internship Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry. This should be entered by the college.

New Doctor

Permanent Registration for Doctor after finishing internship.The degree completed in college from Tamil Nadu or Pondicherry will be accepted here.

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Doctors registered with TNMC

For Registered Doctors: To enroll Email with TNMC send (Reg. NO,Name,Email ID) to, will return mail in 24 hours

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Doctors from other state except Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Doctors can register using this option.

Doctors finished their internship in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Must apply using (NEW DOCTOR REGISTRATION) menu only. Do not use the (REGISTER WITH TNMC) menu meant for Other state candidates, APPOINTMENT DATE will NOT be generated in this menu.
By Order.
18-12-2015 BY
The Tamil Nadu Medical Council has enhanced the fee for the following registration with effect from 1-7-2018 onwards.
1*.Fee for Permanent Medical Registration Rs. 3,500/-
2.*Fee for Additional qualification:
For Degree
For Diploma
For Super speciality

Rs. 4,000/-
Rs. 3,000/-
Rs. 5,000/-
3.Fee for Smart Nameboard:
Rs. 800/-
4.Foreign Student even registered with other state council
should apply directly in the Tamil Nadu Medical Council office,
Fee for Provisional : Rs, 5000 Permanent Registration :Rs. 10000
*which includes the cost of Smart Name board.